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Streeter Commuter Backpack Navy Blue

Rugged, anti-theft, weatherproof. The Streeter is ready for your adventures.

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  • The tough as nails Streeter is a medium-sized commuter bag for the person who works anywhere and everywhere.

    Waterproof tarpaulin shields your gear while magnetic buckles guards your gear.

    The 5 side padded floating laptop pocket keeps your laptop dampers shock and bumps.

    This commuter backpack is the perfect for people on the go.

Magnetic Closures

A quick slide to undo. 

A fast snap to close.

Your Choice Makes a Difference

For each bag purchased, we donate a backpack filled with school supplies to a child in need. 

Your choice of a Just Porter backpack has an impact on a child's life.

Proud USA Small Business

You have a lot of choices, we know that you can't choose us everytime.

But, we are thankful that you consider us. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Great Gift

Gave this as a gift to my husband for his birthday. He's a very particular individual but really seemed to really love the backpack. Great product but a even better mission statement.

Great commuter backpack

I love this backpack and the ethos behind the company. I recently upgraded my work computer for new design capabilities (read: larger heavier, more expensive computer) and I needed a bag that could keep it protected from weather and travel well. This bag fits the bill. I can fit what I need and know that its is protected. It is comfortable and easy to pack. Thanks, Just Porter. Just what I needed.

Owned for three months, love it!

This is the best backpack I have ever owned by far. I live in Alaska, and wanted something versatile and weather proof that I could take hiking and traveling. If I could go back in time I would probably buy the Just Porter bag that is more traditional, as I wanted to use it for school as well. Its a pain opening and closing the flap constantly to get books and laptop out. But I made that decision when I bought the bag, and its my own fault. Will probably get the other bag in the future, as this is a great company.
There is so much space in this bag, its great. I can fit my (small) camera bag, a binder, and a notebook easily with tons of room to spare (vertically). the magnetic clasps are genius, I dont know if I can go back to clips and and straps again. All the straps are adjustable so you can customize is to fit your height, weight and what you want to carry. The magnetic clasps, pullover flap, and roll top make me feel like the contents are very safe and thief proof. I dont think anybody will be able to steal from me when I travel unless they manage to catch me off guard and just grab the whole bag at once. No pickpocket can get all the way through without you noticing.
The black version makes dirt pretty visible but the material is very easy to clean, just get a wet rag and wipe it off to make the bag look brand new again.
My only caveats are that I wish the side without the water bottle holder had an extra strap or two as well for holding my camera tripod. It would be the perfect space. When the bag is out in the cold for longer periods of time (30F or less) the material gets very stiff and feels a bit brittle. Makes me worry about opening and closing too much in case it cracks. But I dont think the bag was designed for this, so I'm not taking off a star. Otherwise, I have absolutely no complaints. 100% worth the purchase price.

Solid rig! Cool company!

Bag is a great upgrade from the 15 year old 40L hiking pack I was using for my commute. Good overall shape, adjustability, and waterproofing. The magnetic clasps are a really neat detail, and imagine my surprise when I discovered a hand-written note in the box congratulating me on my purchase. Lower interior pockets are inconvenient if you're carrying a lot of stuff, and it's a bit smaller than what I'm accustomed to, but otherwise can't complain. Great quality for the price point; if you want a sturdy, waterproof bag for your daily kit, look no further!

An amazing bag

I was looking for a new bag for months that I could take on my day to day for work, travel with, and even camp with if need be. I was thrilled when I finally found the streeter. Not only is the price amazing, but I can tell how much thought and hard work went into creating it.

I love that JustPorter is a small biz. I received a thank you card and emails from the company thanking me for my purchase. The thank you note looked handwritten. Whether that's true or not, I'm super happy to have helped a local business that really cares about what its customers think, as well as a company that gives back to the community.