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Streeter Commuter Backpack

Rugged, anti-theft, weatherproof. The Streeter is ready for your adventures.

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  • The tough as nails Streeter is a medium-sized commuter bag for the person who works anywhere and everywhere.

    Waterproof tarpaulin shields your gear while magnetic buckles guards your gear.

    The 5 side padded floating laptop pocket keeps your laptop dampers shock and bumps.

    This commuter backpack is the perfect for people on the go.

Magnetic Closures

A quick slide to undo. 

A fast snap to close.

Your Choice Makes a Difference

For each bag purchased, we donate a backpack filled with school supplies to a child in need. 

Your choice of a Just Porter backpack has an impact on a child's life.

Proud USA Small Business

You have a lot of choices, we know that you can't choose us everytime.

But, we are thankful that you consider us. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Suh great

Love this bag for traveling and communiting via bike around the city. It's seriously the most comfortable backpack I've ever worn - the back is padded beautifully, and the straps with the magnetic chest strap fit well for my small 5'4 frame. My back never hurts wearing this bag, even with a heavy load and with wear all day. I am excited to break it in for traveling as well as during my daily commute!

Originally as a gift, then bought one for myself

I originally bought this backpack for my boyfriend 2 Christmas' ago. He lived in Seattle (wet weather). He could not stop raving about the backpack, kept saying that it was the best gift I have ever given, and I believe I have given him some pretty spectacular presents in the past. Anyways, back to the bag. He took his laptop, ereader, spare clothes and lunch all in the bag without ever having to worry about Seattle weather. Now, I recently moved to Seattle and worried about the rain and my stuff, so I ordered one for myself. Only one week in but I love it so far. First off, I received a handwritten letter from the founder thanking me for my purchase. It warmed me heart the level of customer service. They did make 1 improvement from the time I bought my boyfriend's bag, that is very appreciated and used, a water bottle holder! Such a perk. So summary, excellent backpack (nothing gets wet if you close it right), discrete security features (sneaky, but easy access clamps) and just spacious enough for the day's events. Thank you Just Porter for your dedication to your product and your customers, it is appreciated.
Ps I never write reviews but this one was really earned.

Incredible quality and service

I've used the Streeter daily for a couple of weeks to commute by foot, transit, and bike, on rainy and dry days. The quality is far better than other backpacks I've owned, including a couple that cost more. It was surprisingly comfortable to carry one day with two heavy laptops and a change of clothes and shoes. I often pick up a full grocery bag's worth of shopping on my way home, and it fits easily. I've used the straps on the side to cinch the bag smaller and to strap a jacket to the bag. The bag doesn't feel too big (I'm 5' 6" tall.) It's a structured comfortable design that stays flat and stable on my back. No bulging out the back when the bag is full or flopping around wildly when I run to catch a train. In the past, I've always kept my laptop in a neoprene case when carrying it in a backpack. Now the case stays home because the laptop sleeve is secure and dry with sturdy padding. The bag stands upright when you set it down, and the magnetic buckles are genius. Just flop the main flap over the bag in roughly the right direction and the buckles snap together on their own with a satisfying click. Like other reviewers, I had an outstanding customer service experience. The day after I ordered the bag I sent an email asking if it was too late to change to a different color. Obviously this was not an emergency. Chris, the founder, responded 9am on a Sunday! The bag arrived quickly with a handwritten note from Chris. Either he invented a time machine or he just doesn't sleep. And of course there are the donated school bags: I appreciate Just Porter giving kids school supplies AND considering the effect their giving has beyond the students by sourcing supplies and producing the bags locally to support the economy in the same community.

Just Porter - Just Perfect!

This occasion is not my first Streeter backpack; have already been a happy owner of one for over a year. But I gave that away to a friend when I got the opportunity to get hold of the new version, which is more or less the same as the old one but with one very important addition: the water bottle pocket, which for me is extremely useful.
Construction is absolutely perfect as always. Style and design are subjective to some extent, though nobody can possibly argue that the Streeter doesn't look sleek. But the quality of the materials, the stitching, the zippers... Everything is incredibly sturdy and feels like it will last forever (it probably will, or so do the folks at Just Porter believe!). Waterproofing is excellent as well. The bag is spacious yet very flexible (you can adapt its overall size as necessary). Just perfect!

THE bag for both the distinguished and functional professional...

this bag is extremely well constructed and simply beautiful. Moreover the customer service is prompt and personal! Awesome bag and company!