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Streeter Commuter Backpack

Rugged, anti-theft, weatherproof. The Streeter is ready for your adventures.

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  • The tough as nails Streeter is a medium-sized commuter bag for the person who works anywhere and everywhere.

    Waterproof tarpaulin shields your gear while magnetic buckles guards your gear.

    The 5 side padded floating laptop pocket keeps your laptop dampers shock and bumps.

    This commuter backpack is the perfect for people on the go.

Magnetic Closures

A quick slide to undo. 

A fast snap to close.

Your Choice Makes a Difference

For each bag purchased, we donate a backpack filled with school supplies to a child in need. 

Your choice of a Just Porter backpack has an impact on a child's life.

Proud USA Small Business

You have a lot of choices, we know that you can't choose us everytime.

But, we are thankful that you consider us. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Surprising, in a good way

I was looking around for a bag to look more "professional" before I begin my residency. I was tired of looking like an undergrad student with the usual backpack. I wanted something that had quality and would last years, like my North Face. I honestly went on a whim and bought the bag because of the ethos of the company. I said I would return it if it didn't meet my standards. The bag had no YouTube reviews like many other companies do. I only found a few reviews of this bag and was nervous. I was pleasantly surprised when i received this bag. Inside was a note by Chris that was handwritten by him. It was a nice, personal touch. Immediately I could feel the quality of the bag. I knew it was going to handle the abuse I was going to give it for the next few years. It holds everything I need and it was quite well thought out. My only gripe with the bag is the lack of more organizational areas. But, I think this could be a good thing because I am only bringing what I need and not hording like I used to do. Laptop is protected and water bottle holder is perfect. It's true, the more you put into the bag the more comfortable it gets. The straps and padding feel like clouds and placed well for a 6' 1" guy of slim waist and chest. If I could describe the material - it feels like a thick raincoat and the inside is almost like a tarp. It's quality though and definitely worth the price!

Awesome bag, even more awesome company

I'll start this off like most others "I don't normally review things but..." I just had too with this company and bag. I love my Streeter, it's a great bag, well constructed and was 1000% what I was looking for in a commuter bag. There was an issue with the shipping and their support department was super responsive and I even got a handwritten note in my shipment from their founder, Chris - which if that doesn't scream amazing customer service and company, I don't know what to tell you!

My ONLY complaint and it's more of an nitpicky issue than anything - but I wish there was a better way to unclip the magnetic clips together before one of them decides to re-connect itself because of the magnets in them. That's all, nothing major, just one of those "ugh well that was annoying" type things if I'm in a hurry. But this bag and company still get 5 stars easy from me!

Great Quality - Lots of Compliments - Extremely Pleased

After much research I decided on this Just Porter back and couldn't be happier. It's well constructed, looks great, and fills all my needs. It's now become my go-to bag for work commuting, heading to the gym, and even weekend trips across the country. Highly recommended!

Suh great

Love this bag for traveling and communiting via bike around the city. It's seriously the most comfortable backpack I've ever worn - the back is padded beautifully, and the straps with the magnetic chest strap fit well for my small 5'4 frame. My back never hurts wearing this bag, even with a heavy load and with wear all day. I am excited to break it in for traveling as well as during my daily commute!

Originally as a gift, then bought one for myself

I originally bought this backpack for my boyfriend 2 Christmas' ago. He lived in Seattle (wet weather). He could not stop raving about the backpack, kept saying that it was the best gift I have ever given, and I believe I have given him some pretty spectacular presents in the past. Anyways, back to the bag. He took his laptop, ereader, spare clothes and lunch all in the bag without ever having to worry about Seattle weather. Now, I recently moved to Seattle and worried about the rain and my stuff, so I ordered one for myself. Only one week in but I love it so far. First off, I received a handwritten letter from the founder thanking me for my purchase. It warmed me heart the level of customer service. They did make 1 improvement from the time I bought my boyfriend's bag, that is very appreciated and used, a water bottle holder! Such a perk. So summary, excellent backpack (nothing gets wet if you close it right), discrete security features (sneaky, but easy access clamps) and just spacious enough for the day's events. Thank you Just Porter for your dedication to your product and your customers, it is appreciated.
Ps I never write reviews but this one was really earned.