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Sable Rucksack - Olive

Tough, Spacious, and TSA compliant. The Sable is ready for world travel or a heavy commute.

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  • The weather-proof Sable is a full-sized for travel or for the person who carries more.

    Waterproof tarpaulin shields your gear while magnetic buckles guards your gear.

    Your laptop is accessible from the exterior covered by a aqua-guard zipper, with a strap to double secure your expensive laptop

    This backpack is suitable for Mumbai, Sydney or NYC.


For each bag purchased, we donate a backpack filled with school supplies to a child in need. 

Your choice of a Just Porter backpack has an impact on a child's life


You have a lot of choices, we know that you can't choose us everytime.

But, we are thankful that you consider us. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
This bag and this company are incredible!

I'd been in the market for a while, and a friend of mine suggested Just Porter. I shopped around and kept coming back to these bags. I'm 6'7" and had originally looked at the Streeter, but I was concerned it might look a little small on me. I called the support number and Chris, the owner, picked up! He was super nice and informative and made sure my bag came in time for my trip I was taking at the end of the week. It came with a hand-written note referencing our call and some cool stickers.

The bag itself seems bombproof. I've already gotten stuck in the rain with it and everything stayed dry. Once inside, it dried off quickly itself. It has a ton of pockets, and I feel like I can actually organize my stuff. It also doesn't look nearly as big as I thought it would. It feels that big in terms of what it fits, but for a taller person like me, it doesn't at all seem inappropriate in size. That said, I was forced to try to fit it under the seat in front of me in my flight, and given how tiny planes are getting, I just couldn't. I had a window seat and the guy in the middle came in right after me, so I couldn't really move around much. It's possible if I had some time to work it in that it would have fit, but luckily, a flight attendant saw the struggle and put it in some extra baggage space he had reserved.

I'm only a few weeks into owning it, but I love the design, love the look, and love the company's mission. Super happy with my purchase.

Great Bag

It's my second bag of the same type, what shows how happy I am with that!

Amazing backpack- Exceptional company and owner!

I was running out of time to get a solid and cool-looking backpack for my business trip to Bogotá, Colombia. I was running out of time and found the Sable -- except delivery would have taken place after my departure. I frantically called the company hoping for a miracle and Chris, the founder and owner, answered the phone!! WOW! He's an incredible guy. I had my backpack the next day--Chris boxed it himself--- and what a great trip it was with my new backpack---sturdy, practical, lots of pockets, and cool-looking. What an exceptional commitment to excellence, not just the quality of the bag, but Chris' excellent customer service. And to boot, they do great charity work. Thank you Chris and much, much success. You guys are awesome.


I needed a bag to do double duty as an overnight bag and a school bag so I spent a lot of time sifting through what the wide world of bags and backpacks had to offer before I ultimately settled on this big ol' Sable Rucksack- and make no mistake, it's BIG. This thing swallows whole a full set of clothes, school books, a lunch bag, a laptop, a water bottle, and all the little odd and ends one needs day-to-day. My commute can sometimes exceed five hours, round trip, so I have to bring a lot of stuff to get though my day. It is a marvel and I love it. The magnetic buckles are a breeze- no more pinched fingers- the weather resistant material is durable and attractive, the hideaway laptop pouch is the greatest, and even fully loaded,this rucksack is surprisingly comfortable. Heavy, sure, but I haven't yet felt like the padded straps were digging into my shoulders. One relatively minor nitpick I have is the lack of a water bottle pocket. I use a carabiner affixed to one of the outer straps to solve that problem or in a pinch, I'll just put my water bottle inside the bag, but try to avoid it is I can because that's a recipe for disaster if there's a leak. It's not a huge deal but a water bottle pouch would be very useful addition to future iterations of this bag. Overall though, this is a fantastic rucksack at a great price. Highly recommended.

Cool bag

Fun lol bag that holds a lot and is weather proof!
Only visible flaw, water bottle holder.