Sable Rucksack - Gray

16" Laptop Weatherproof

A Backpack That Goes Beyond

Whether it's travel or a commute home, you want to have a rucksack backpack that holds what you need and be easy to use.  Our custom waterproof fabric keeps your gear safe and dry, and the roll top gives you quick access to your gear.  Get inside the bag with a slide of the magnetic buckles, and a lift of the front flap. You're grabbing your charger, cords, and documents fast.  We moved the laptop pocket to the outside so you can quickly take your computer and start working.  And your iPad is smartly kept under the flap.


Expandable: H: 21”-24" / W: 13” / D: 6”

Volume:  26L - 30L


Customer Reviews

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I needed a bag to do double duty as an overnight bag and a school bag so I spent a lot of time sifting through what the wide world of bags and backpacks had to offer before I ultimately settled on this big ol' Sable Rucksack- and make no mistake, it's BIG. This thing swallows whole a full set of clothes, school books, a lunch bag, a laptop, a water bottle, and all the little odd and ends one needs day-to-day. My commute can sometimes exceed five hours, round trip, so I have to bring a lot of stuff to get though my day. It is a marvel and I love it. The magnetic buckles are a breeze- no more pinched fingers- the weather resistant material is durable and attractive, the hideaway laptop pouch is the greatest, and even fully loaded,this rucksack is surprisingly comfortable. Heavy, sure, but I haven't yet felt like the padded straps were digging into my shoulders. One relatively minor nitpick I have is the lack of a water bottle pocket. I use a carabiner affixed to one of the outer straps to solve that problem or in a pinch, I'll just put my water bottle inside the bag, but try to avoid it is I can because that's a recipe for disaster if there's a leak. It's not a huge deal but a water bottle pouch would be very useful addition to future iterations of this bag. Overall though, this is a fantastic rucksack at a great price. Highly recommended.

Cool bag

Fun lol bag that holds a lot and is weather proof!
Only visible flaw, water bottle holder.

I didn't know I can LOVE a backpack so MUCH!!

I purchased a JustPorter Sable rucksack, and it is everything I hoped for and even more. I wanted to carry it with me everywhere I just looks so nice and well made...honestly it looks indestructible.

Most importantly though, the customer service is amazing....because of a little warehouse hiccup over the Easter order was not processed right away. Upon inquiring, I got a quick reply from Chris himself apologizing for the delay. My backpack arrived a week later, with a personalized thank you card from Chris and apologizing again for the that's customer service!
I am definitely purchasing more bags from them in the future :)

Amazing quality, perfect size and great personal customer service. What more can you ask for..

The workmanship of this backpack is amazing. I purchased it for my daughter for school because she need something that would hold her books and a 15" laptop. She loved the fact that the laptop pocket was in the back so she doesn't have to open the bag if she only needs her laptop and it fits all her books perfectly. I was so impressed that I ordered a second one for myself. Hopefully my son doesn't steal it, otherwise I will have to order a third one. The people at Just Porter are also great Chris himself even gave me a phone call to thank me which was totally unexpected. It is that kind of personal attention that will have me spreading the word to all my friends. Thanks Just Porter, keep up the great work with the community service, children are our future no matter what country they reside in education equals empowerment.

This bag is magic!

My JustPorter Sable rucksack is amazing. Also, HUGE. But that's ok, because there are a number of pockets and dividers in the bag that keep everything organized and easily accessible. This bag is great for days when I need ALL my gear with me (it fits my text books, lunch, water bottle, coat, computer, and all the other things needed to survive a day in law school). It's very comfortable to wear, even when fully loaded up, and the waterproof materials keep everything dry. Great bag, highly recommend if you need something to make your life a little easier and happier.