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Piko Backpack Red With White Accent

68 reviews
Simply, Blows the Competition Away. 

 Improve the everyday backpack? 

Start with great fabric and premium zippers.  Next, strip out bad design.  Upgrades over your standard bag are easily seen and felt instantly. Roomy for its size, the Piko can hold your 13" laptop in an exterior access sleeve, keeping your main compartment free. The main compartment has a mesh hammock perfect for keeping your cords and headphones organized and easy to find.  Every Just Porter bag is complete with our signature organizer to increase your productivity and hold your essentials.

Upgrade your bag standards and get more for your money. The Piko is made to exceed your expectations. 


  • YKK easy-glide zippers.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Military grade fabric.



H: 17” / W: 12” / D: 5”

H: 43 cm / W: 30 cm / D: 12 cm


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1. Instant Pocket – Front Vertical White Zipper Pocket
2. Front Pocket Compartment
3. YKK Easy Glide Zippers (Standard On All Bags)
4. Elastic Side Pockets
5. Laptop Padded Compartment
6. Main Compartment With Back Sleeve And Net Pocket

7. Heavy Duty Hanger Loop
8. Large Finger Loops On Adjustment Straps
- Rugged Yet Light – Weight Construction
- Signature Orange Interior Lining
- Dimensions: H: 17” / W: 12” / D: 5”


Start with premium fabric and zippers to ensure the basic components are guaranteed to last (and outlast the competition). Providing room for 13” laptops in an exterior access sleeve keeps the main compartment free for anything you stow and avoids spills onto electronics. The signature Just Porter organizer increases productivity and functionality for all.


The Piko Is Made To Exceed Your Expectations

The Design is perfect. It is like this bag was made for me and my busy schedule of work and personal life. I am able to store many different items in the pockets and they are really easy to get to. – Edmund F.

This isn’t just the entry-level backpack. This is the workhorse. Elastic slide pockets and main compartment with back sleeve and net pocket keep you organized and able to balance work and play at whatever age.

Upgrade Your Bag Standards With The Piko

Being in college, I carry quite a few things and walk everywhere. I don’t think life would be as convenient without this bag. My back would probably hurt way more if it weren’t for this bag. – Anne O.

Student or otherwise, if the Piko can withstand the wear and tear of student life, it can handle anything. Lightweight design matched with military-grade fabric, makes the perfect dynamic for both students and adults to ensure less strain on your back and timeless durability.

Add Color To Your Life With Piko

The orange lining is a great pop of color, but my two favorite things about this backpack are the compartments and the padding. – Anne O.

Signature orange interior lining

isn’t the only custom design quality of the Piko. It’s all the other elements that go into the Piko that make it a step above the competition. If it’s not the mesh hammock in the main compartment, it’s the high quality YKK easy-glide zippers, or the attention to detail with the elastic side pockets that truly make the Piko unique.


Volume: TBC
Dimensions: H: 17” / W: 12” / D: 5” (H: 43 cm / W: 30 cm / D: 12 cm)
Fit: Fits up to 13” laptops
Weight: TBC
Electronics: TBC
Materials: Body: TBC / Lining: TBC
Zippers: YKK easy-glide zippers
Buckles: TBC
Frame: TBC

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