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A Backpack with a Lifetime Warranty

Your satisfaction is our singular goal.


In short, if we made it wrong, we’ll make it right.

But sometimes we’re asked, “What’s included?” or “What does that mean?”


Here’s a little story...

I was introduced to an acquaintance, "D.J.," many years ago. We had common friends and would often have beers together. And then one day, D.J. told me something pretty shocking...

While drinking at Lockdown Bar and grill (a great heavy metal burger bar), D.J. went on and on about how he had been using his LL Bean boots and beat the hell out of them for a few years.

He bragged about how he sent them back to LL Bean after using them for years.

He went on and on about their ultra-liberal return policy. He told me how LL Bean sent him a new pair even though he used them for years. He gloated about his small victory. And then something happened a couple of years later...

In early 2018, LL Bean stopped their “forever warranty.”

LL Bean said that their return policy had been abused by people.

My guess is because of people like D.J.

So, we had to do some soul-searching… 

We are a small family run business. We treat people like we want to be treated. We craft our bags using the best possible materials available.

And I asked, “Would we be a victim of the D.J.s of the world?”


So here’s our straightforward warranty...

We warranty our bags against material and manufacturing.

If you can say to yourself, “that’s a problem that shouldn’t have happened.” It’s likely covered.

What’s not covered? Normal wear and tear is not covered. Backpacks are like sneakers, jeans, and shirts… You may have the occasional knick, scratch or abrasion wear. We balance materials with functionality.

Like all things, our bags are not impervious to normal wear and tear. They are tough. They do last. They are high quality.

“Hey Chris, How do I make my bag last for years and years?”

If you treat your backpack well, time is likely no limit. If you beat it up, it will look like you beat it up. I’ve used mine for more than 300,000 miles (500,000 km) of travel and my backpack looks awesome. My 14 year has beat his Streeter Commuter for 4 years carrying 25 lbs. of books and dragged it on the cement. It shows it. Why? Because he’s 14.

BOTTOM LINE: If you treat it nicely, it will last. Period.


What does this all mean?

Mutual respect rules the day at Just Porter. You’ve put your trust in us, and we in you… We promise to be fair. In the off chance there is a problem, let us know. We’ll work with you to replace or repair the problem.

The moral of the story…

We want to build a great company, making great products side by side with great customers.

We don’t want D.J. as a customer.

For everyone else, we welcome you and are grateful for your trust in us.


Chris Bahr