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Just Porter College Scholarships: It's About You

Notice: We Awarded the Spring 2017 Scholarship to Berkley W. at Loyola Marymount University.

The Just Porter Backpack College Scholarships: It's About You


Just Porter makes backpacks to empower students to do their best work, and we have created our college scholarships program to help promote education for students while providing financial aid for college. Whether you are an incoming undergraduate or graduate student, we urge you to apply.


The Just Porter College Scholarships asks students with a minimum 2.5 G.P.A. to write a 500 word personal essay that demonstrates the power of creativity in his or her life and share it with us.We award two college scholarships per year, one award in the Spring semester and one award in the Fall semester. The winners will each receive $1,000 payable to their school and their choice of a Just Porter Backpack.

About Just Porter - The Rucksack Backpack, Commuter and Professional Backpack Company
Just Porter is a backpack company dedicated to providing the toughest and most durable backpacks for creators, adventure seekers, and mavericks. Born from a humanitarian mission, Just Porter strives to help the world.Using quality materials and innovative designs, Just Porter constructs the ultimate for Rucksack Backpack, work backpack, or your commuter backpack. But Just Porter doesn’t just focus on making great backpacks, we believe in the creators, the artists, the change makers.We’re also committed to making a difference. Deadlines:FALL 2016: August 31st, 2016Spring 2017: January 15th, 2017  
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Just Porter Goes Beyond Buy One Give One Backpacks

Beyond making a quality travel, commuter or work backpacks, Just Porter values education and community.  For every bag sold, Just Porter makes a give bag, fills it with school supplies and donates it to a child in need.Our Buy One Give One goes beyond the simple idea of buy one give one backpacks. We also work together with local businesses to manufacture our give bags, buy school supplies, and reach out to local schools.It's a better solution for communities, families and children.  

We Value Your Privacy

When you request our packet or apply for the Just Porter College Scholarships, we don't share or sell your information. Your privacy is respected. It's that simple.